Harringay Superstore is a big supermarket area, in North London that includes a petrol station, pharmacy, carpark and a cafe. This work consists of several images taken in the same commercial area where I lived over a year, it attracts people from different boroughs and backgrounds.
I frequented the area very often, therefor this series has been created organically and with- out pretence. It depicts scenes that are part of my everyday life, and so they are for the people portrayed in the photographs. It is for me, an archive of images and memories of the area. I imagined the scenes like a big scenario where people like actors would come and go, doing their thing, getting lost in that enormous artificial place. I observed their movements and interaction with others and the space, thinking of their lives, their position in society, the way they behaved in that particular space that so many people from different backgrounds share and frequent several times a week. The series combines images created trough multiple exposure with single exposure.

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